Perfect, personal, Primarius


‘One of the first / a rank of excellence’ Jan Otterhof and Jochem de Boer were two bicycle builders at Fongers & Batavus, one of the classic Dutch brands.


They produced strong, sturdy, durable bikes capable of dealing with narrow city streets, wet cobbles, icy tram tracks and anything the unpredictable Dutch climate could throw at them. Sadly, the companyʼs refusal to use cheaper, inferior metals and imported parts ultimately lead to its demise.


Today the Primarius brand stands for hand built bikes with meticulous attention to detail. Elian Veltman is our lead frame builder at Primarius. Elianʼs great-grandfather was the owner of a bicycle shop and his family has been actively riding, repairing and working with bikes for generations.


As a teenager Elian would often ʻimproveʼ and ʻmodifyʼ his own bikes to match his riding style and he soon progressed to making his own bikes from scratch. It was competitive track riding that caught Elianʼs imagination and fueled his quest to build the perfect track bike.


The purity of a track bikeʼs form flowing into function meant that there was no place to hide imperfections or poor design decisions. Anything less than exceptional engineering would soon be found out in the Velodrome.


After studying Automotive engineering, Elian was still more motivated by two wheels than four. Which is why heʼs been commercially building bicycles for almost a decade now including a truly innovative interpretation of a Dutch cargo bike. For Primarius, Elianʼs meticulous mechanics can be coupled with world class components for a very special build.