It's all in the details


No two bikes or two clients are the same. Some are completely focused on riding alone, others appreciate the chance to participate in the more technical aspects of frame and bike building.


Perhaps you have a certain alignment in mind, you may prefer a lugged construction to TIG welding, Shaping and mitering is occasionally done with a hacksaw and hand-file. Regardless of the process, our attention to detail is meticulous. Different materials require different treatments, cromoly is more malleable while stainless steel is extremely stiff.



Custom geometry

Every build is designed and constructed to the rider’s body, riding style, and exact wishes.

High grade steel

We only use the best steel tubes the industry has to offer, like Columbus, Dedacciai and Reynolds.

TIG welding and filet brazing

Each technique has strengths. Both are used where appropriate in the creation of a Primarius.

Bi-axially ovalized down tube

This design allows us to maintain lateral stiffness with less flex along the length of the frame, while saving weight.

Custom paintjob 

Custom built and custom painted. We can deliver on nearly any aesthetic.

BI-oval S-bend seat and chainstays

We can keep the ride smoother without giving up the stiffness you want for
effective power transfer.

BI-laminated seatpost

We can make a stronger seatpost with less material this way, saving weight and increase stiffness with less flex in the frame.

Custom integrated seatpost

Every Primarius comes standard with an integrated post for enhanced aesthetics and a lighter bike.

Brake bridges

Stainless steel paint protection between the brake and the frame.

Personalised drop outs

The personalized stainless steel dropouts have two functions: they look great, and they help to protect the lacquer on the frame.

Carbon fork

Dedacciai forks are world class in performance and appearance. We use them as our standard.


We’ll build up your new Primarius any way you want it and offer expert consultation if you have questions on componentry.