Everyone’s approach to cycling is different

Perhaps you enjoy early morning rides, just you, the farmers and the misty fields. Or perhaps you prefer to be in the midst of a peloton out on a 2 hour ‘Sportif’. Or tearing it up across fields and forests on a 230km Raddondeur.


Physically we need a bike that fits our body shape, size, weight and strength. Bikes are symmetrical, people aren’t, so before we even get to fine tuning an appropriately sized bike, it’s about selecting the correct components like saddles, handlebars, cranks and even the best cleat position on your shoes.


We’ll help you translate and interpret your wishes into a custom build that should represent everything you’ve ever wanted from your ultimate bicycle. If you know your ideal trail, seat angle or you like lug frames, tell us, get involved. If you haven’t decided on every aspect, then that’s part of the discussion, we’ll create the perfect bike together.